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For government / state agencies

Why state agencies need VEZHA

Face recognition and traffic analysis will help civil servants more effectively provide public access to public services, replace the regular pass-through system that uses plastic cards / passkeys, and reduce crowds in the lobby. In addition, face searching and parking monitoring, which are also available under VEZHA, will help prevent offenses and make the environment of government agencies as safe as possible from crime, terrorism or vandalism.

License Plate Recognition
Determine the license plate, make, color and route of vehicles in the traffic flow
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Movement in rows
Get all the information about vehicles moving in rows over time
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"Smart" parking
Identify vehicles that have violated stop, parking, or temporary parking rules
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Traffic Analytics
Determine the intensity, quantity and composition of traffic for both vehicles and people
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Crowds of people
Detect crowds in both outdoor and indoor areas
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Face recognition
Identify and recognize human faces in the video stream, compare them with the monitoring lists and receive match notifications
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