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Motion Detector

The module helps to protect the territory and perimeter. Protection against violations and intrusions.

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the VEZHA module can do:

  • Ability to create your own rules to protect the territory (shopping center, store, mall, retail outlet).
  • Access control to private territory.
  • Create your own rules to protect the territory.
  • Fixing events in time, fixing violations, and rules.

Worth to know

The motion detector is used for protection of private property and trade centers

The product is designed to collect and store a series data:

  • Data from CCTV cameras are processed by the VEZHA "Motion detector" module.
  • The user selects a rule for detection (line crossing, loitering, intrusion, lost object).
  • Events display violations by date and time of fixation.
System requirements
  • .01
    CPU - Intel Core i5-5575 and newer
  • .02
    MEMORY, RAM 180M
  • .03
    HDD -2 Gb per day
  • .04
    OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu 18.04
  • .05
    NETWORK 10Mbit

Motion detector module can be used to:

  • Fixing intrusions into the territory;
  • Territory and perimeter control;
  • Protection of private property;
  • Security of shops, stores, shopping malls;
  • Security of warehouses and retail outlets.
  • Fixation of cases of crossing the road in an unidentified place.

Recommended use

Protection of territories, protection against intrusions.

Interested in using the product?

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