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Determines the gender and age of a person in the flow of people

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the VEZHA module can do:

  • Determines the gender of a person: male or female.
  • Determines the age of a person in the age range.
  • Generation of reports on gender and age with uploading to pdf, Excel.

Worth to know

The gender and age of the customer is used for the marketing researchers and expand customer audience

The product is designed to collect and store a series data:

  • Data from CCTV cameras are processed by a special algorithm.
  • The algorithm determines the gender and age of a person.
  • According to the camera data, a report on the age of persons is generated with the possibility of uploading to pdf or excel.
System requirements
  • .01
    CPU Intel Core i5-5575 and newer
  • .02
  • .03
    GPU RAM 340 MB
  • .04
    HDD statistics
  • .05
    OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu 18.04
  • .06
    NETWORK 10Mbit

Gender/Age module can be used to:

  • Shopping and entertainment centers that want to create a portrait of a potential buyer.
  • Enterprises, shops, retail outlets, warehouses, shopping, and entertainment centers.
  • Control of employees and working personnel.
  • Control of visits to the mall.

Recommended use

Generating statistical reports based on purchasing activity, determining the gender and age of an active audience.

Interested in using the product?

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