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Face recognition

Finds faces in crowds or streets based on video stream. Verifies and identifies faces with the attribution additional characteristics (the presence of a beard, mustache, glasses, determination of gender). The received data can be verified with "white" or "black" lists, the list of wanted persons, etc.

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the module of the VEZHA system is capable of:

  • Find and detect faces in real-time captured stills
  • Searching for and locating wanted persons with instant notification that a person has been found
  • Identification of persons and comparison of the recorded person with the database of clients / guests in establishments
  • Verification of access to premises, clubs or establishments by face for cardholders, membership passes, season tickets
  • Identification of additional information and features: gender, age, emotions, glasses or beard, mustaches etc
  • Formation of "white" and "black" lists for persons whose movement should be controlled by law enforcement agencies or administrators: criminals, convicted persons, suspected, new and regular customers, employees of organizations, institutions, etc.

Data of the National Police of Ukraine

During the first half of 2019, the use of the module helped to uncover 500 offenses and helped prevent 300 crimes on the roads of a city with a population of 350,000

The product is intended to collect and store a series of data:

  • Face recognition in a stream of people
  • Analyzing data and separating frames with faces in video stream from CCTV
  • Collection of photo materials with information about the person's whereabouts, fixating time and personal data
  • Determine the age and gender of the identified person
System requirements
  • .01
    CPU Intel Core i5-5575 and newer
  • .02
    MEMORY, RAM 3 GB RAM - detection, 5 GB RAM - Detection+Recognition
  • .03
    HD 128 GB
  • .04
    OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu 18.04
  • .05
    GPU Nvidia Pascal (core architecture) or newer
  • .06
    VIDEO MEMORY 900 MB - detection, 3GB - Detection+Recognition

The Face Recognition module can be used to:

  • Prevent crimes
  • Prevent committing abuse and offenses
  • Optimize the throughput system at production, in companies or state and commercial establishments
  • Create of safety systems for schools, kindergartens, educational institutions
  • Perform space and event control at stations and airports
  • Form loyalty systems in supermarkets and chain stores
  • Perform marketing analysis of customer activity in department stores
  • Control customers in stores

Recommended use

Bandwidth and quick search of individuals in public places and at commercial sites

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