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Crowds of people

Detects and prevents public disturbance, crush, or clutter in public places

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the module of the VEZHA system is capable of:

  • Control of safety and concentration of people in city streets, squares, subways and public transport stops
  • Control of crowd formation in malls, educational establishments, supermarkets, in halls of airports and stations
  • Automatic detection of queues in shops, restaurants, banks, public institutions
  • Informing security or public oversight staff about the formation of clusters or mobs / crowds and the location of them

Data of the National Police of Ukraine

During the first half of 2019, the use of the module helped to uncover 500 offenses and helped prevent 300 crimes on the roads of a city with a population of 350,000

The product is intended to collect and store a series of data:

  • Identification of crowds on outdoor areas and indoors
  • Warning of unauthorized or potentially dangerous gatherings
System requirements
  • .01
    CPU Intel Core i5-5575 and newer
  • .02
  • .03
    HD 128 GB
  • .04
    OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu 18.04
  • .05
    GPU Nvidia Pascal (core architecture) or newer
  • .06
    VIDEO MEMORY 1550 MB service for 50 streams (1 frame per second)

You can use the "Crowd" module to:

  • Finding crowds on the streets, indoors, in public locations or in commercial areas
  • Warning for threat of acts of civil disobedience or street riots
  • Warning of the risk of a collective attack on a commercial real estate object

Recommended use

Prevention of acts of civil disobedience and organized attacks on commercial or public real estate

Interested in using the product?

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