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Movement in Rows

Informs about movement and formation of rows of motor vehicles

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the VEZHA module can do:

  • Informing on possibly dangerous swarms of vehicles
  • Send notifications of unauthorized driving in rows
  • Detailed information about moving a row of vehicles by city
  • Finding and detecting potentially dangerous ways of transporting goods or people (terrorist threat, unauthorized gatherings, etc.)
  • There is support for the definition of single and double-row, ordinary, inverse and special types of license plates
  • Awareness of vehicle theft by groups of persons
  • Control of attendance of mass events, motorcade of officials and delegations, transportation of important or valuable cargo with security
  • Prevention of planned group crimes using motor vehicles

Data of the National Police of Ukraine

During the first half of 2019, the use of the module helped to uncover 500 offenses and helped prevent 300 crimes on the roads of a city with a population of 350,000

The product is designed to collect and store a number of vehicle data:

  • Definition of vehicles moving together within the specified period of time
  • Real-time reporting of all vehicles in the row
  • Fixing license plates, frames with cars while moving in tier
  • Determining the location and route of cars in tier

The Movement in Rows module can be used to:

  • Tracking down the activity of freight truck on roads of local or national importance
  • Control of exit / arrival of cars in rows in the territory of industrial or other infrastructural objects
  • Prevention of road traffic offenses when moving in tier and by groups of vehicles
  • Increasing the level of security in border areas, high-risk areas or areas with special access
  • Prevention of criminal assault or other criminal activity using a group of vehicles

Recommended use

Tracking the movement of car moving in groups of various kinds, both to prevent crimes involving vehicles, and to attack car groups with valuable cargo or important passengers onboard

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