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License Plate Recognition

Automatically and simultaneously recognizes 99% of all car license plates in the frame regardless of the speed of motor vehicles

The main features
How it works
Areas of use

What the VEZHA module can do:

  • Recognition rate is 99% of everyone in the frame
  • Supported speed of traffic during recognition — up to 250 km / h, there is an analysis of the trajectories of movement of individual vehicles
  • Determination of brands, models and colors of vehicles with 95&percnt accuracy
  • Identification of car license plates issued in EU and CIS countries (about 70 countries)
  • There is support for the definition of single and double-row, ordinary, inverse and special types of license plates
  • View videos of the required vehicle through integration with Milestone XProtect
  • Send real-time transport notifications to carriers
  • Ability to receive event notifications in Telegram, via SMS or email
  • Restricted access to notifications for a predefined user group
  • A single database for all information on fixed vehicles
  • Ability to get an hour, day, week or month report
  • Support for import (CSV) and export database for vehicles (EXCEL,PDF,CSV,JSON)

Data of the National Police of Ukraine

During the first half of 2019, the use of the module helped to uncover 500 offenses and helped prevent 300 crimes on the roads of a city with a population of 350,000

The product is designed to collect and store a number of vehicle data:

  • The date and time of the motor vehicle's location in a particular area
  • Frame with vehicle as evidence (photo fixation)
  • The license plate and maker of the car or other vehicle, its color
  • The direction of movement of the vehicle and determining the route in which the vehicle was traveling
System requirements
  • .01
    CPU Intel Core i5-5575 and newer
  • .02
    MEMORY, RAM 2 GB RAM (+1GB Make&model recoginition)
  • .03
    HD 128 GB
  • .04
    OPERATING SYSTEM Ubuntu 18.04
  • .05
    GPU Nvidia Pascal (gpu architecture) or newer
  • .06
    VIDEO MEMORY 700 MB (+800MB Make&model recognition)

License Plate module can be used to:

  • Search for cars that are in the wanted database
  • Automatically identify cars belonging to company employees or entrances on and off the parking lot
  • Organizing measures to intercept, search or detain vehicles in the event of offenses

Recommended use

Search and identify vehicles for the benefit of the security and law enforcement services

Interested in using the product?

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